Where Can You Install Spray Foam?

There are three main uses for spray foam insulation.

  • Reduce heat transfer
  • Strengthen structural elements
  • Noise reduction

In each case, spray foam is the optimal choice because of its superior R-value per inch and ease of application.

where can you install spray foamSpray foam can also be used to provide a barrier against unwanted pests that infiltrate a building or home through gaps in the building envelope or pests that  nest in other types of insulation such as fiberglass bats.  Similarly, spray foam can be used to control moisture penetration from outside to inside.

You can install spray foam insulation on any building surface to completely seal the building envelope.  This includes attics, walls, floors, basements, crawl spaces, and garages.  Spray foam, due to its low VOC (volatile organic compounds) properties, is also an ideal choice for commercial and agricultural buildings as it is safe for humans, animals and the environment.

These places are common uses for spray foam insulation:

ResidentialPitched roof insulation | Flat roof insulation | Wall insulation | Floor insulation | Barndominium insulation | Rim joist insulation | Attic insulation | Crawl space insulation | Basement insulation | Mobile home insulation

Commercial: Warehouses | Metal buildings | Agricultural buildings | Subfloors | Schools | Hospitals | Municipal buildings | Industrial buildings | Office buildings

Using spray foam in metal buildings such as barns, factories and warehouses, provides both insulation and strength to the structure.

Benefits of open cell spray foam for metal buildings include:


Expands up to 100x from its sprayed application, easily insulating all areas of your property.


Cheaper form of foam insulation compared to closed cell and it’s highly effective.


Open cell foam has superior soundproofing properties to reduce noise pollution.

Energy Efficient

Has great thermal properties, keeping in heat throughout winter and cooling in summer.

Prevent Mold

Open cell composition allow for breathable insulation, preventing mold growth.

Air Impermeable

Reinforces soundproofing ability by being air impermeable, very effective for homes.


Contains no harmful gases, an odorless spray foam application for great results.

Form Fitting

Conforms to any shape structure.


Reduce your carbon footprint with this 100% water-blown spray foam open cell insulation.


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