Spray Foam Insulation

Applying Foam InsulationSpray foam insulation is one of the most innovative, sustainable and cost-effective insulants on the market today.

Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) is a durable and high performance plastic insulation. There are a variety of SPF types including low density insulation (commonly referred to as “open cell”), medium density insulation (commonly referred to as “closed cell”), high density SPF typically used as commercial roofing material, and low pressure “kits and cans” which are typically used for smaller insulation jobs.

If you have a residential property with a flat / low-sloped roof, SPF is still a great roofing option for you.

Although “kits and cans” are less complicated and able to be employed by a knowledgeable user, in almost all cases it is recommended that SPF be installed by a trained, experienced, and skilled professional. The installation of SPF requires the user to be familiar with installation techniques, product health and safety guidelines, principles of building science and other considerations.

SPF has fantastic primary performance attributes including high R-value, reduction of air and moisture-infiltration, sound attenuation, durability and increased strength of the structure it is installed in or on. The unique aspect of SPF is that in most cases, this product can deliver all of these performance attributes in one product instead of combining several. That means fewer opportunities for failure stemming from multiple product dependency, multiple trades working on your project, and from individual component failures. SPF is a one-stop-shop in most cases for consumers looking for a high performance building solution. It is a tried and tested product in use since the early 1960s.

SPF is the best solution when access to the installation area is unobstructed. That means all new commercial/residential construction insulation and roofing, along with attics and crawlspaces in residential renovations (which also happen to be the points where the greatest energy savings can result). If you are looking to have SPF in the exterior walls of the building envelope for an existing building, SPF makes a great choice if you are planning to undergo a deep and detailed upgrade to the building.

It is widely recognized that SPF is a more detailed installation than some other insulation types, but the list of benefits for SPF over other types is considerable. Its proper and safe installation calls for knowledge, skills, and abilities possessed by an experienced professional installer. The product must be installed properly to realize the greatest performance characteristics.

Your home or building is likely your greatest investment and you need to make the right improvement choices for it. SPF should have a great impact upon your property in the way of energy savings, sustainable longevity, performance, value and comfort. But the installation is a skilled craft – despite how easy it may look on a video. Your property is going to temporarily be turned into a manufacturing site for the SPF, and you will be expected to remove yourself, family, and pets from the job site until the established re-entry time is past (typically 24 hours).

source: sprayfoam.org

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