Residential Spray Foam

Spray Foam Insulation (SPF) has a multitude of performance benefits. For the consumer SPF brings a high R-value and air-sealing product all-in-one.

The product is also known for sound-attenuation within the building, as well as adding “racking strength” to walls and increasing the durability and attachment of roofs when SPF is in the attic under severe weather/wind conditions.

The R-value and air-sealing capabilities vary based upon the product and the manufacturer. For example, low-density SPF (or “open cell”) has a comparatively lower R-value per inch and slightly less air-sealing capability than medium-density SPF (or “closed-cell”), but if your project calls for capabilities of low-density SPF the solution could result in some project cost savings.

However, if your project calls for a combined vapor, moisture and air-barrier with higher R-values per inch, or the cavity to fill is not large enough for low-density SPF to reach the specified R-value, closed-cell could be your solution. For particularly challenging geometric installations such as an attic, cathedral ceiling or crawlspace, SPF’s ability to conform to the shape of the surface it is sprayed to is an unrivaled benefit.

Additionally SPF can be delivered through a variety of equipment, ranging from high-pressure professional contractor rigs, to low-pressure “kits & cans” that are designed to satisfy smaller projects. Every product and project will be different so the solutions will be different. It is impossible to predict every scenario where you may want to use SPF as a solution, which is why working with a knowledgeable and experienced contractor is recommended.  The flexibility in use of SPF is one of its greatest attributes.

Application Options:

Pitched roof insulation | Flat roof insulation | Wall insulation | Floor insulation | Barndominium insulation | Rim joist insulation | Attic insulation |

Crawl space insulation | Basement insulation | Mobile home insulation