Basement Insulation

Is your basement extremely cold, hot or damp, not letting you take advantage of this living space? Want to use your basement for extra living space or a man cave?

Outside air leaking into the basement can cause uncomfortable temperatures that are quite difficult to regulate. Insulating and air sealing the rim joist and basement walls with spray foam insulation will transform your basement into the comfortable and fun space your family will want to spend more time in.



Spray foam insulation offers you these benefits:

A Comfortable Basement

The air seal created by foam insulation is key in creating a basement with consistent temperatures no matter the season.

Warmer Floors

With less cold air coming in, floors on the main level are more comfortable with reduced drafts around the foundation area.

Doesn’t Encourage Mold Growth

Spray foam doesn’t promote mold like traditional insulation types, preventing future headaches.

In most cases, unfinished basements, including those in the Dallas area, are quite simple to insulate with spray foam, whereas finished basements can most definitely still be insulated but are more challenging to gain access to the rim joist and walls.  We can insulate your rim joists and basement ceilings, too, to ensure the most comfortable and healthy living environment.

Although not as common as in other areas of the country,  the Dallas area does have its share of homes with basements.  We can insulate your basement in these areas:

Grand Prairie

We are a professional insulating company and can apply spray foam in a variety of applications:

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