Metal Building Insulation

Do you dread working in your pole barn or metal building in the extreme Dallas area temperatures? Whether it’s your man cave, a workshop, a second garage, or extra storage, we help building owners take back control of the comfort and energy efficiency of their pole barns, metal buildings, and garages.


Comfortable Work Space

Foam insulation provides the necessary air seal to keep indoor temperatures consistent and regulated all year-round so you’re comfortable while you work.

Reduced Energy Bills

Keeping the conditioned air in and the outside air out is more energy-efficient and lets you allocate monetary resources to better uses.

Avoid Future Headaches

Condensation, moisture, and wood rot are major problems you won’t have to worry about with the proper insulation in your metal building.

If the walls of the pole barn will be exposed, then closed cell spray foam is the better option. Closed cell foam is denser and can withstand a blow from a tool or even a forklift.

If you plan to cover the walls of the metal building or pole barn, then you could use open cell spray foam. Open cell expands to do a better job of filling cracks and crevices. It also offers the same air seal with better sound dampening qualities than closed cell spray foam.

To complete the air seal in the metal building, we suggest spraying open cell spray foam insulation on the roof deck. If your roof should ever leak, open cell foam will not hold water so you will be able to find and fix leaks in a timely manner.

Your metal building will be more comfortable when we apply spray foam in these cities:

Grand Prairie

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