Mobile Home Insulation

We have seen mobile homeowners with fiberglass underneath their mobile homes and have found more times than not that this is rarely a good idea.

Although less expensive than spray foam, fiberglass invites mold and rot into your mobile home. The same goes for cellulose insulation. These types of insulation, although effective,  soak up moisture and will act as a sponge if you ever were to get flood waters up to that height under your home. This, in turn keeps that area moist and wet which, over time, will rot the underside of your mobile home.


Now lets take a look at spray foam insulation for mobile homes. There are two types of spray foam insulation: open cell and closed cell. Both are superior to fiberglass in every way as far as insulating an area of your home. Both last 3 – 4 times as long as fiberglass and will completely block any air leakage in your home as well as provide sound proofing. However open cell spray foam insulation, just like fiberglass will also soak up water should you get flooded and the water can reach that elevation. Open cell is better used in the walls of a home to provide a low-cost spray foam insulation solution that will be both effective and provide great insulation, but again, we are trying to keep out the moisture.

For that reason, we recommend that you only use closed-cell spray foam insulation on the under-side of a mobile home. Because it is a closed-cell type foam, it will repel all water, take up minimal space (approximately 2 inches as opposed to 3-4 inches for open-cell foam insulation), and it will seal the under side of your mobile home and provide structural integrity to the home as well.

Likewise, we also recommend spray foam for the ceilings of mobile homes.  Spray foam will create an air barrier and is Class One Fire Rated.  When everything is said and done, spray foam creates an air seal in the ceiling. Fiberglass does have insulating properties, but it also still allows for air movement. That air movement is going to cost you money in energy loss.

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